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everybody needs respite.
some need respite care.
tous ont besoin de répit,
et parfois de répit avec soin.

Toronto Respite Network Members

The Toronto Developmental Services Respite Network was formed in September 2000 as a result of "Making Services Work for People". The Respite Network was instrumental in the development of respiteservices.com to be its central service mechanism and a central resource of information for families in Toronto.

The Respite Network has two specific mandates:

a) To design, support and oversee a model for the delivery of a range of respite services, including an access process, for children with significant physical, medical and/or developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities.

b) To develop a wide range of responsive respite options, with particular emphasis on children who are medically fragile, or with significant physical disabilities, as well as, individuals with autism and/or a dual diagnosis.

The following agencies are members of the Respite Network. These agencies may or may not provide direct respite services, but all are interested in the development of a more dynamic respite network in the Toronto Region.

More information on these agencies can be found by clicking on the names below. Those providing a respite service are marked with an asterisk (**).

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