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CHAP Program

The CHAP (Community Helpers for Active Participation) Program facilitates the connection of individuals with disabilities and CHAP direct respite support workers through a respite registry. We also provide information on community respite services and upcoming workshops/events. Please complete a Family Registration Form to connect with a CHAP respite support worker.  If you would like to apply as a direct respite support worker to the CHAP Registry, please complete an online application and upload your resume.


CHAP Respite Support Worker Job Posting/Application Find out more information on becoming a CHAP direct respite support worker and how to apply.

Family Classifieds View classified ads of families looking for a worker.  Only registered CHAP respite support workers will be connected to families.


CHAP Family Registration Register for CHAP if your family wants to contract with a CHAP direct respite support provider..

Family Info Package Learn more about how to use the CHAP Program.

Respite Worker Classifieds  View classified ads of available registered CHAP respite support workers. Only registered CHAP families can receive profiles of candidates.

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