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everybody needs respite.
some need respite care.
tous ont besoin de répit,
et parfois de répit avec soin.
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     The CHAP program is a great way to help a family, gain experience, kick start your career in social services and have a great time doing it! We’re looking for extraordinary people like YOU to join our program!

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    The CHAP Program facilitates the connection of individuals with disabilities and CHAP workers through a Family Registry and Worker Database. Explore how respiteservices.com can help your family.

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    Respite care is a family support service that promotes active living and provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability

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    How to Hire an Independent Respite Worker


    The webinar recording is deisgned to help you understand the process as to how to hire an Independent Respite Worker through respiteservices.com Peel. This webinar is directed at families or ...

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    Out of Home Respite Care


    FOR FAMILIES WHOSE CHILD IS MEDICALLY FRAGILE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY DEPENDENT (MFTD) What is Out of Home Respite Care? Out of Home Respite Care supports parents of children with significant special ...

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    Access 2 Entertainment


    Easter Seals is proud to have played a role in building an exciting — some have called it historic—partnership with the disability community, Cineplex Entertainment, and the movie theatre industry. ...

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    Central West Region Autism Respite Training Initiative


    Autism Spectrum Disorder Training For more information and to register for any of the workshops visit: KERRYS PLACE AUTISM SERVICES WORKSHOP If you are unable to register through the website call ...

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