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Family Managed Respite

What is Family Managed Respite?

Family Managed Respite is a flexible, self-directed funding support that provides family members or guardians with an opportunity to have a periodic break from the daily responsibility of care giving.

While often referred to as "in-home respite," in fact the support can take place almost anywhere the family chooses.
(the family home, the home of the caregiver, out of town, or as part of a vacation)

Who is eligible to use this service?

Families who have an adult or child living at home, and who has been identified as having a developmental or related disability are eligible to use this service.

How do I access it?

Referrals are received from any source - family members, health or social service professionals, or school based personnel.

The immediate and future needs of the family are discussed and eligibility to receive assistance is determined.

With approval, a subsidy amount is determined based on the available resources.

How does it work?

The family hires and trains the care provider of their choice.  Wage amounts are varied and are often dependant on the relationship the provider might have with the family, or the nature of support required. 
As necessary, Community Living Wallaceburg will assist the family with recruitment.

Payment for service is made by the family who then submits a Proof of Service Invoice to Community Living Wallaceburg for reimbursement.

Families are able to pool their respite allocation with other funding they may receive (SSAH, ACSD).  CLW will assist families to co-ordinate this effort to their fullest advantage.

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