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Specialized Respite Supports

RESPITE is defined as:  "a flexible, periodic, short-term break from care-giving for the purpose of rest & renewal for the family". (As defined in the South West Region document -- An Ideal Model for Children & Youth - Respite Services and Supports, June 2007)

What is Specialized Respite Support?

Specialized Respite Support is a flexible, self-directed funding support.  This funding will provide family members or guardians with children or youth who have exceptional social, emotional, and behavioural needs, an opportunity to plan a periodic break from the daily responsibility of care-giving.

The respite support can occur in a variety of ways.  Families may:

  • Engage in the services of a respite support person who will take over the care giving responsibilities.
  • Choose to use family-based or host families who provide care to the child or youth with specialized needs in their own home.
  • Consider using centre-based respite which is provided in a residence with trained, paid staff.

Who is eligible to use this service?

Families and/or caregivers with children or youth who have exceptional social, emotional, or behavioural needs are eligible to use this service.

How will families access it?

Community Living Wallaceburg will receive referrals from a number of community partners, health or social service professionals, KIDS Team, Chatham Integrated Children's Services, or school based personnel.

  • Eligibility will be determined by Community Living Wallaceburg as per  MCSS guidelines.
  • Based on the needs of the family and their preferences, a respite plan will be developed by the referring agent.

Upon approval and based on available resources, a subsidy amount is determined.

How does it work?

Payment for the respite supports will be made by Community Living Wallaceburg.  Arrangements for payment will be dependant upon the respite plan.

Families are able to pool their respite allocation with other funding they may receive (SSAH, ACSD).  CLW can assist families when requested to co-ordinate this effort to their fullest advantage.

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