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Step One: Review a Checklist

Step One: Review a Checklist

Here is information that we strongly advise you check before considering a Respite contractor.

A sample (condensed) checklist is outlined below. 

You may also download a printable checklist here: Step 1 Checklist.doc (31744 B)


Step 1.   Checklist before considering  a Respite contractor


What I should check:

(A dated copy must be provided of the following by the Respite Contractor)

Date checked

My comments





Vulnerable sector’s check






Reference #1











Reference #2










Reference #3












If providing transportation:





Proof of insurance



Other if available:







First aid, CPR certificates




What is a Vulnerable Sector’s Screening Check?

  • This is a check to screen individuals who intend on working or volunteering with persons who are dependent on others and there is a greater risk of harm than the general population.
  • A copy is to be provided to you by the Respite contractor.
  • It should have been completed and dated within the last six months.  If not, you have the right to request that an up to date check be completed.
  • It is completed by the Ontario Provincial Police and generally takes 6-8 weeks. 
  • If you are unclear about information on the Vulnerable Sector’s Check, please see the website:   www.opp.ca, or call the toll free telephone number: 1-888-310-1122. 
  • Please note: a Vulnerable Sector’s Screening check is a more thorough check and is not the same as a Criminal Reference Check. 

Suggestions on how to check references:

  • It is recommended that you contact the 3 references the Respite contractor provides.
  • References should be recent.  It is suggested that the references are those of persons who were in a supervisory role for the Respite contractor.
  • When contacting references,  some questions you might ask are:
    • How did you come to know the person?
    • What were person’s responsibilities?
    • Are they dependable?
    • Would they leave their children in the care of this person?
    • Ask if there are any other comments the person would like to make.


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