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Screening checklist

We strongly suggest you request the following from any Respite Contractor:

a) a Vulnerable sector’s check
b) 3 References
c) If providing transportation, the Respite Contractor should provide proof of insurance    
d) and if available: First aid and CPR certificates

What is a Vulnerable Sector’s Screening Check?
This is a check to screen individuals who intend on working or volunteering with persons who are dependent on others and there is a greater risk of harm than the general population.
A copy is to be provided to you by the Respite contractor.
It should have been completed and dated within the last six months.  If not, you have the right to request that an up to date check be completed.
 It is completed by the Ontario Provincial Police and generally takes 6-8 weeks.
 If you are unclear about information on the Vulnerable Sector’s Check, please see the website:   www.opp.ca, or call the toll free telephone number: 1-888-310-1122.
Please note: a Vulnerable Sector’s Screening check is a more thorough check and is not the same as a Criminal Reference Check.
Suggestions on how to check references:
It is recommended that you contact the 3 references the Respite contractor provides.
References should be recent.  It is suggested that the references are those of persons who were in a supervisory role for the Respite contractor.
When contacting references,  some questions you might ask are:
  •         How did you come to know the person?
  •         What were person’s responsibilities?
  •         Are they dependable?
  •         Would they leave their children in the care of this person?
  •         Ask if there are any other comments the person would like to make.

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