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Tips in carrying out an interview:

  •     Meet with the Respite contractor, face to face and not over the phone
  •     Ask someone else to join you in the interview as this will give you a second opinion
  •     Interview the Respite contractor when you have plenty of time and won’t be interrupted
  •     You may take notes in the chart below so you  remember what the person said after the interview
The questions below are adapted from the Ontario Human Rights Commission: “Hiring?A human rights guide”. 
Questions you cannot ask are:
  •     How old are you?
  •     Where were you born?
  •     Are you married? Living with someone?  Are you gay/homosexual?
  •     Do you have any children or do you plan to have children?
  •     What is your family background, religion or country where you were born?
You may ask:
  •     Have you had experience caring for someone with a disability, and if so, please explain
  •     Tell me how you supported someone with a disability who was frustrated or unhappy
  •     How would you deal with an emergency or serious situation?  (try to provide an example)
  •     How many hours would you like to work?  Are there times when you cannot work? How   much notice do you require to be called in?
  •     You may inquire if the Respite Contractor is caring for other children, or if your child will be in their home, whether there are pets



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