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Confidentiality, communication and dealing with concerns




Information about the person whom the Respite contractor is supporting, and information about your household must remain private.  You have the right to insist on such.


Tips on keeping open communication:


Communication should flow freely between you and the Respite contractor in regards to the respite care that needs to be provided.This will assist in providing the best possible respite care.


·        Discuss the specific behaviour that is concerning you and what your expectations are.

·        Allow the Respite contractor to respond to your concerns.

 ·        If you suspect or have witnessed abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, financial), terminate the relationship immediately.  You may also call the police.


·        Reach agreement with the Respite contractor as to the changes expected.


·        Refer to the signed contract if needed.


·        Follow up by letting the Respite contractor know if you feel that things are improving or not.


·        Positive comments along the way let the Respite contractor know his/her efforts are appreciated.


Dealing with concerns:


  • The contract:
  • If you have any questions about the contract, you may call the Ministry of Labour, Ontario Government Complex, Highway 101 East South Porcupine, ON PON 1HO   Health and Safety 1-800 461-9846 or Employment Standards Branch 1-800-531-5551

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