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Planning tips

Why plan?

  • To take a break.  Everyone needs some time for themselves to participate in activities outside of the home or to just relax at home
  • So your respite dollars last you through the year (which begins April 1st and ends March 31st of the following year)
  • To be prepared for your every-day needs.  

Tips to be prepared in the case of an unusual situation or emergency

  • It is suggested that you have the names of at least two other Respite contractors that may be called upon to provide respite care
  • Either in their home or another location (other than your home). 

Why have back up workers and a back up location?

  • There may be times when your home may not be available
  • There may be situations, such as a family funeral, where many family members need to attend
  • If you rely solely on family members to provide respite care, there may not be anyone available when you need to be away.

Emergency Respite Funding

  • This is a fund provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Children and Youth Services
  • so you can have respite support in the time of an emergency or family crisis
  • To find out if you are eligible and can use this funding, call your Respite Network Agency

  • Helpful tips to consider when developing your respite plan
  • Remember everyone who can spend time with your child both paid and unpaid.
  • Respite contractor fees can be negotiated.   
    • For example: Consider a flat rate for overnight or weekend
  • When negotiating a fee with the Respite contractor, consider what other people pay for respite care in similar situations.
  • Review your plan regularly.
  • If your family experiences a crisis situation, you should call your local service agency to determine if additional support is available.

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