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Family FAQ

How does Respite Services service work?
Families complete an online profile for Dufferin Region. A respite facilitator will be in contact with you. Once you application is active, you will receive a login and password. Respite providers profile matches will be sent to you by email. You will receive matches as they come up or at your request. It is up to the family to choose and contact respite providers.
What is Respite?
Respite provides temporary relief for families caring for a child with a disability. See our What is Respite? page for more information.

Are respite providers employees of respiteservices.com, Kerry’s Place Autism Services or Dufferin Child and Family Services?
No, respite providers are independent contractors. Families use their own finances or funding to pay respite providers. Respite providers may hold another job with a local social services agency, but when they are supporting families, they are not associated with that agency and are indpendent contractors or hired by each family independently.

How do I register?
Visit the family registration page and complete your registration online, select "Dufferin" as the region and complete the Dufferin profile. There is also a printable registration and consent, if you prefer. Please note, if you choose to mail your profile in, we will still add the profile to our online database. The database is only visable to the agencies overseeing the website.

How long does it take to register?
It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the registration online.

Who can see family profiles?
Only our respite services facilitators can see your profile. Your profile is kept confidential and is used for matching purposes only. It is not available to respite providers. When matches are made, families always receive the profiles and it is up to the family to choose what personal information they share with the respite provider.

What are classified ads?
You may choose to create a classified ad. This classified ad is public, is posted on our website and is used to aid respite providers in searching for suitable matches. Respite providers can request that their profile be sent out to a family with a classified ad. Be sure not to put your child’s name or identifying features in your classified ad. Respite providers also have classified ads for families to view.

What do I do once I’ve chosen a respite provider?
You should speak with the respite provider; agree on rates of pay, times and expectations. You may choose to put agreed on information in writing or a contract. You can also notify your local respite services facilitator.

What is the cost?
It is free to be added to the Respite Services Dufferin database and recieve matches. However, respite providers fees are the families responsibility. There may be funding options available for families to help minimize the cost. 

How much should I pay a respite worker?
Rates of pay vary and are negotiated between you and the respite providers. In general, rates are between $17-$30/hour, depending on the care required and respite providers skills and experience. Many respite providers will have their own set rate.

What are the respite facilitators roles?
The respite facilitators for Dufferin region are employees of Dufferin Child and Family Services and Kerry’s Place Autism Services. Their role is to maintain the online website and registry, screen respite providers, facilitate the connection of respite providers and families and to answer any questions.

I would rather not contact a respite providers on my own, what other options do I have?
If you would prefer not to contact respite providers privately, there may be options available through agencies. These options may have limited availability. Please contact us for additional information.

How are respite providers screened?
During the screening, respite providers meet with a facilitator, provide a vulnerable persons police check, provide references and attend an orientation meeting.

What qualifications do respite providers have?
Respite providers skills and experiences vary and are detailed on their profiles. When profiles are sent to families, they can review their profile and experience to determine if they are suitable for your family.

Do respite providers use their own vehicles?
Many of the Respite workers have transportation available. Please confirm their insurance and liability if the use of their vehicle is needed.

Do I pay respite providers travel expenses?
Families and workers can negotiate travel rates. Some families choose to build the expense into their rate of pay, others choose to pay per km. Be sure to discuss this with the respite providers prior to them using their car. Rates should start once the worker arrives at work and families are not required to pay a workers travel costs from their home.

Do I need to pay for event costs?
If you request that a respite provider take your child to a specific event, families should cover the cost of the event. If the respite provider wants to take your child to an event, be sure to discuss what the expected cost will be and make sure you are comfortable with the costs. One option is to apply for the Access 2 Entertainment card, which will cover the cost of the support person to many events throughout Canada.

Can respite providers give funding invoices?
Yes, as long as the respite providers role meets the funding sources criteria. Be sure to speak with the respite provider to confirm they are able to do this. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact one of the Respite Services Dufferin facilitators.

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