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DPD - Developmental and/or Physical Disability Respite

Respite is defined as:  "a flexible, periodic, short-term break from care-giving for the purpose of rest and renewal for the family" (An Ideal Model for Children & Youth - Respite Services and Supports, June 2007)

Develpmental and/or Physical Disability respite is a flexible, self-directed funding support.  This funding will provide out-of-home alternate respite care to help children with special needs.  The child must have one or more disability related need resulting from a developmental disability and/or a physical disability that requires support for participation in activities of daily living, school and play.  The child must also be under the age of 18 years and live at home.  

This funding is available to provide services and supports on a temporary basis for a child or youth for the purpose of providing caregiver relief.  This is to promote family functioning and child and youth health, to avert or delay crises and to reduce the need for longer term out-of-home placement.   The Elgin Respite Network committee accepts & reviews the applications and allocates the available resources.

Inquires can be directed to the Elgin Respite Network through:
Janice Fisher, Respite Administrator
Community Living Elgin, Elgin Respite Network
400 Talbot St.  St. Thomas, ON  N5P 1B8
519-631-8012 x623  

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