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What is respite care?
Respite care is a family support service that provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member with a developmental disability and/or a child with a physical disability. Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities while allowing caregivers time for themselves.
Explore Respite Options available for your family. Contact agencies directly or for assistance in connecting to a Respite Option in Halton contact a Respite Co-ordinator. Please note that some options may have a waiting list.
Respite Co-ordinators will help identify a family's respite needs and will provide short-term co-ordination to overcome barriers to receiving respite services. They will also assist in completing application forms.

Halton Respite Coordinators

Aleda Wedekind: awedekind@cwsds.ca
Kelsey Jackson: kjackson@cwsds.ca

53 Bond Street
L6K 1L8

Phone: 905 844 7864
Fax: 905 849 6980

The Support Provider Database facilitates the connection of individuals with disabilities and Support Provider through a Family Registry and Provider Database. We also provide information on community respite services and upcoming workshops/events. Please complete the Family Registration  to connect with a Support  Provider  If you are interested in becoming a Support Provider please complete a Support Provider Registration and upload your resume.

Support Provider Job Posting/Application
Find out more information on becoming a Support Provider and how to apply.

Family Registration
Register if your family wants to hire a Support Provider.
Family Classifieds
View classifieds of families looking for a worker.  Only registered Support Provider will be connected to the families.
Support Provider Classifieds
View classifieds of registered Support  Workers available to provide support.

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