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Family FAQ

Are Support workers employees of respiteservices.com or Rygiel Supports for Community Living ?
No, Support workers are not employees of respiteservices.com or Rygiel Supports for Community Living . Families utilize their own funding to hire and pay for a Support Worker. Support Workers are considered independent contractors or self-employed that are screened through respiteservices.com.

How does the service work?
You complete a profile, workers complete a profile (and screening procedure) and then a Respite Coordinator matches families with workers. You will be sent profiles of workers who may meet your needs and then it's up to you to interview and subsequently hire if they meet your needs. You can also view available Support Workers through the classifed ads they have created.

How do I register?
Simply go to the Family Registration page and begin your application online. There is also a paper registration option but we find the online method to be preferred and also the most expedient.

How long does it take to register?
It takes about 20-30 minutes. That's it!You do have up to a maximum of 2 hours to complete the online application though should you require additional time.

What happens after I register?
After you register you will receive an email from the Respite Coordinator when your profile is activated. It will contain your login information (username & password). You'll also start receiving profiles of workers for your consideration.

Are Support Workers able to view my profile?
No. Your profile is never made available to workers. It is maintained in our registry for matching purposes only. 

How much does the service cost?
Nothing, it's free! Hiring the worker and paying their fees however is your responsibility.

What does the Respite Coordinator do?
The Respite coordinator screens potential workers, maintains an up-to-date registry, recruits workers, and facilitates connecting families with workers.  

How are Support Workers screened?
Support Workers must provide a resume, three references, a clear police-check (vulnerable persons sector), complete necessary consent forms and attend an orientation.

Can I choose my own Support Worker?
We do not hire Support Workers for you. Our role is to facilitate matching you with a potential worker in your community and then the responsibility of interviewing and hiring a Support Worker remains with you.

What qualifications do Support Workers have?
Support Workers have a range of qualifications and skills, all of which are detailed on their profiles for your review.

Do workers offer overnight respite options?
Each provider is different. While most offer temporary daytime/evening hours, there may be some in the registry who are open to negotiating overnight options.

Do I have to withhold payroll deductions when I pay my Support Worker?
No. Support Workers are independent, self-employed individuals, hired on a contract basis and responsible for their own taxes and source deductions.

How much do I have to pay a Support Worker?
Rates of pay vary, and is determined by negotiation between you and the worker. In general, the range of pay varies between $10 and $15+, depending on complexity of the care required and the funding you have available.

Do Support Workers use their own vehicles?
Some may, others may not. We suggest that you confirm the Support Worker's auto insurance liability limits prior to hiring if the use of their vehicle is a requirement for you. 

Do you have workers that are available in my area?
Support Workers are recruited on an ongoing basis and the availability of a worker in any given area is subject to variation. Typically, more populated areas also have more workers in the registry.

Can I hire more than one worker at a time?
Yes, and some families do if that's what's required to meet their needs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us so we can serve you better.

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