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Worker FAQ

What do I have to do to become a Support Worker?
The first step is to complete the online registration, and then you will be required to submit a resume & police reference check, 3 references, complete a screening or interview and then attend an Orientation.

If I register, am I considered an employee of respiteservices.com?
Support Workers are not employees of respiteservices.com or Rygiel Supports for Community Living. Rather, you would be considered a self-employed individual with a service to offer to families looking to hire a respite worker.

Who pays my wages?
You negotiate a rate of pay with the family/caregiver who is interested in hiring you. As with all self-employment, you are responsible for your own reporting of income to Canada Revenue Agency.

How many hours a week can I expect?
Hours may vary, depending on how many contracts you choose to take on. As much or as little as you have to offer, the choice is yours. Typically, Support Workers approach it as a part-time opportunity.

How long after I register can I start working?
Registration is the first step. There are screening requirements that must then be met and can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months, depending on how quickly you choose to fulfill them.

Do I need a police check?
Yes, a clear Police Check (Vulnerable Persons Sector) that is less than 6 months old is required at the time of registration. You can learn how to obtain one through here

Are there a lot of families needing respite in my region?
Intake of families requiring respite is ongoing and always changing depending on time of year and other factors. 

Can I view the profiles of families who are looking for respite?
Family profiles are confidential and not shared with workers for confidentiality reasons. There are non-personally-identifying classified ads placed by families however that you are welcome to view. You can view the family classifieds here.

What education do I need to have to be a Support Worker?
Support Workers have a range of skills and education. Whether your qualifications meet a family's needs is ultimately determined by the family who may choose to hire you.

Do I need to have a drivers licence?
While not required, Support Workers who have a driver's licence and a vehicle they are willing to use may have more opportunities than those who don't.

Do you pay mileage and expenses?
Reimbursement of mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses is negotiated between the Support Worker and the family who is hiring. We do recommend that workers always establish a clear understanding of how these expenses are to be reimbursed by the family prior to commencing work.

Got a question that was not answered? Feel free to send us a quick email to Ron Trajano at rtrajano@rygiel.ca and we will be happy to fill you in.

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