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Ontario Disability Support Program

What is Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Income Support?
ODSP provides income support to people over the age of 18 who meet the following legislated definition of disability and who are in financial need.
Who is eligible for ODSP Income Support?
A person with a disability, who has a substantial physical or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent and expected to last one year or more (as per the Ontario Disability Support Program Act (ODSPA)), may be eligible for ODSP income support if the disability results in a substantial restriction in his/her ability to do one or more of the following:
Attending to personal care;
Functioning in the community; or
Functioning in the workplace.
In some circumstances, you may be found eligible if:
You receive disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan;
You are 65 or older and are not eligible for Old Age Security (OAS);
You reside at a psychiatric facility; or
You reside in a facility under the Development Services Act or in a home under the Homes for Special Care Act.
Applying for ODSP income support includes two steps.
1.You must be found to be financially eligible. Your assets, income, and shelter expenses will be reviewed to confirm that you are eligible.
2.You must be found to be eligible as a person with a disability as described in the ODSPA legislation.
Are you financially eligible?
Under the ODSP, you may have assets up the following amounts:
$5,000 for a single person;
an additional $2,500 if you have a spouse (for a total of $7,500); and
an additional $500 for each dependent child.
Allowable assets include such items as your principle residence or your primary vehicle.
Your income will also be taken into account when determining eligibility. The following are some of the types of income that will affect your financial eligibility for ODSP:
Canada Pension Plan,
Workers' Safety Insurance Board (formerly Workers' Compensation Board),
Employment Insurance,
Payments you receive from your sponsor if you are a sponsored immigrant,
Rent that you receive,
Income from roomers and boarders, and
Support payments.
Shelter Expenses
Shelter expenses, up to a maximum amount, include the following items:
Property insurance,
Taxes, and
Condominium expenses.
All types of assets and income belonging to you or any member of your family will be discussed with you as part of determining your financial eligibility. Your shelter costs will also be reviewed.Applying for ODSP income supportYou will need a Disability Determination Package to apply for income support. If you are financially eligible, these packages can be obtained at local ODSP or Ontario Works offices. These packages are made up of four forms:
1.Health Status Report that is filled out by an expert such as a doctor or psychiatrist.
2.Activities of Daily Living Report, which is also filled out by an expert who describes your condition.
3.A personal report form where you can detail your own situation.
4.A medical consent form that allows your doctor to share information with the Disability Adjudication Unit.
You have 90 days after you receive the package to have it filled out and returned to the Disability Adjudication Unit. A trained adjudicator will assess the information you provide and make a decision.
What kinds of supports are available?
If you qualify for ODSP income supports, you will receive monthly income support that is based on the following:
Size of the family,
Age of dependent children or adults,
Shelter costs, and
Availability and receipt of income.
You may also be eligible to receive the following benefits:
Prescription drugs,
Dental services,
Hearing aids,
Special diet benefits,
Employment supports (please refer to the Employment Supports fact sheet for more information), and
Special necessities, such as diabetic supplies, surgical supplies and dressings, transportation for medical appointments and wheelchair repairs and batteries).

Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ontario Disability Support Program
Income and Employment Supports
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