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everybody needs respite.
some need respite care.
tous ont besoin de répit,
et parfois de répit avec soin.

What is respite care?

What is respite care?

Respite care is a family support service that provides temporary or short term care / support for a family member who has a developmental and/or physical disability. Respite creates opportunities for all family members to live actively.

Respite services are one of the most heavily requested developmental services in the City of Hamilton. This site is intended to provide information on each of those agencies and the different respite options they offer.

Developmental Services agencies also offer a variety of residential and support programs to individuals with a developmental disability and their families. These supports include:

  • Information, intake, and referral
  • Service coordination
  • Residential programs
  • Day support/Passport programs
  • Respite services
  • Clinical services and programs


Contact Hamilton for Children's and Developmental Services Ontario are the centralized access point for most developmental services and supports in Hamilton.  To obtain information about respite services, or other developmental services, you may call Contact Hamilton at 905-570-8888 or e-mail us at info@contacthamilton.ca.  For more information about Contact Hamilton, please visit our website www.contacthamilton.ca.

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