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Special Services At Home (SSAH)

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Special Services at Home (SSAH) Program

For Information call:   (905) 521-7456 or 1-866-896-9389
Fax Number:             (905) 521-7337

Ministry of Community and Social Services
119 King Street West, Second Floor
Hamilton, ON     L8P 4Y7


The Special Services at Home (SSAH) Program helps family’s caring for individuals with a disability.  If approved, families are provided with funding to purchase supports and services which they could not normally provide themselves and are not available elsewhere in the community.

What can I use the funding for?

Each family has a unique set of circumstances.  You will need to describe your family's needs, establish your own goals and indicate the type of assistance you need.  Funds may be provided for the following:

  • Personal Development and Growth – This could include helping a person acquire new skills and abilities, such a improving communications skills or supporting a person as he or she undertakes more and more of the activities associated with daily living.
  • Respite and Support  –  respite provides a break for the family and may help avoid burn-out, stress and fatigue.  It provides an opportunity for the family to have a different experience, build new relationships and learn new skills.

How are funding decisions made?

Applications are reviewed and assessed by a Special Agreements Officer who sets priorities based on several factors such as:  

  • The type and amount of service your family needs;
  • What you need in order to enhance your ability to cope with providing care;
  • The complexity of the support required as a result of the level of the ongoing functional limitation;
  • Supports and services currently available in the community and how appropriate the supports are for your needs;
  • Support networks of the individual and family;
  • Locally identified priorities; and
  • Availability of funds.

Who is eligible for this program?

To be eligible, the individual with the disability must be:

  • A resident of Ontario;
  • Have an ongoing functional limitation as a result of a disability;
  • Require support beyond that which is a normal family responsibility; and
  • Living at home with their families or living away from their family's home but not residing in a Ministry-funded residential setting

How do I apply for this program?

  1. You can apply by filling out a Special Services at Home Application  on your own or with the assistance of an agency or professional.  You can obtain an application using the link above or by contacting your local Regional Office.
  2. You will need medical documentation clearly confirming the diagnosis of the individual with the disability.

Since SSAH operates on a fixed allocation of funding, it is necessary to re-apply for services every year. 

If you are reapplying for SSAH for personal development and growth, you can use a copy of the Special Services at Home Progress Report .

Who do I contact for more information?

Your local Ministry of Community and Social Services' regional office can help you find your local service provider.

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