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About Us

respiteservices.com consists of agencies funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  Family Services Perth-Huron is collaborating with our respite partners to develop a more dynamic respite network for both children and adults in Perth County  Any organization providing respite services for families is invited to join our network.


“respiteservices.com working together to facilitate respite options that empower individuals with differing abilities and their families to lead active and rewarding lives.”


Creating Community Connections”

The guiding principles of respiteservices.com are:

1. To develop a comprehensive respite system.
2. To develop and maintain a coherent access process for families of children and adults requiring respite options.
3. To facilitate respite options for individuals that match their identified needs.
4. To work closely with service providers to advocate for appropriate service options to meet the needs identified.

Respite  services and supports are for rest and renewal of the care-giving family.  Respite is a flexible, periodic, short term break from care-giving that supports the caregiver to have the opportunity or freedom to do other activities or no activities.  It is a time for rest and renewal to maintain and promote resiliency of the care-giving family.

Respite Coordinator

The Respite Coordinator works with families to identify respite options and develop a respite plan.  The Coordinator will assist with funding applications, contact agencies on behalf of families and assist them to connect with respite providers.  The Coordinator  works with families and agencies to develop creative and new respite options, to identify gaps within the system, and to provide resource information.

      Contact the Perth County Respite Coordinator: Nancy Farr   


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