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Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

The Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) program provides financial assistance to parents to help with the extraordinary cost related to their child's severe disability.  It is a direct funding program for low and moderate income families.

Who Can Apply?

A parent or legal guardian whose child is under the age of 18 years, lives at home, and has a severe disability.  

What the program pays for
  • travel to and from medical appointments
  • specialized clothing
  • caregiver respite (relief)
  • wheelchair repairs
  • assistive devices
  • hearing aids and batteries
  • prescription drugs
  • dental care
  • eyeglasses
What is included in the benefit?
  • the amount of financial assistance is determined based on your yearly extraordinary expenses and your gross family income.  Minimum monthly payment is no less than $25 per month and no more than $440 per month
  • a drug card
  • a dental card (basic coverage)
  • vision and hearing
  • items related to vision and hearing services
  • the consumer contribution for an assistive device under the Assistive Devices Program
  • the cost of an assessment for an assistive device and the cost of batteries and repairs necessary for the mobility devices
How is the decision made?
  • applications are reviewed and assessed by a Special Agreements Officer who determines eligibility and the amount of money a family can receive based on:
  • the age of the child
  • household gross income •the number of children in the home
  • the extent to which the child is severely limited in activities pertaining to normal living
  • the expenses that the parent/guardian is incurring or might incur soley by reason of the severe disability of the child
What are the Income Qualifications?

The ACSD program is for low to moderate income families.  
How to Apply
  • contact your local regional office to request an application or by visiting the link to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services
  • complete the application form and return it with any documentation required
  • a Special Agreements Officer will review your application and will contact you should they need more information
  • you will receive a letter saying whether or not you qualify for a grant and if so, how much you will receive

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