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Other Websites Links


Other Websites Links

ASD: Canadian-American Research Consortium

Asperger Society Ontario

Autism Awareness Centre

Autism Ontario

Autism Research Institute

Autism Society America

Autism Society Canada

Community Living North Bay

The Geneva Center for Autism

Autism Speaks/NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research)

Canadian Autism Intervention Research Network (CAIRN)

International Society for Autism Research (INSAR)

Ontario Adult Autism

The North Bay & District Health Unit

National Rett Syndrome Association (American Website) 

Manitoba Rett Syndrome Association

Ontario Rett Syndrome Association

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

Epilepsy Toronto

Charge Syndrome Canada

Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Down Syndrome Research Foundation

National Association for Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Association of Toronto

Down Syndrome Association of Ontario

Nipissing Down Syndrome Society

Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth (NADY)
Providing Adults with Developmental Disabilities Lifelong Experiences (PADDLE)

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