North East Region Respite

North East Region Children and Youth Respite Information

Respite in the North East Region for Children and Youth is overseen by a Respite Management Committee. The purpose is to provide a consistent approach to respite across the North East Region. There is a 'Common Respite Application' that is used across the region - to access a respite application please check with your local respite agency.

Respite Funding is allocated on a quarterly and annual basis. You must be eligible for respite to obtain a respite application.

Annual Respite Applications process begins in November and the final submission date is early February. Contact your local respite agency for more information.

Quarterly Respite Applications can be submitted each quarter.
Quarter 1 April 1 to June 30
Quarter 2 July 1 to September 30
Quarter 3 October 1 to December 31
Quarter 4 January 1 to March 31

There are two Respite Networks that are part of the North East Region and they each are responsible for managing an Emergency Respite Flex Fund to assist families in times of crisis and a Training Fund to provide assistance for families to help give further training to Respite Providers. 

For more information on the Respite Network Funds contact your local respite agency.

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