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Family Resources

Respite Scheduling Tool - A Respite planning resource

Parry Sound/Muskoka Ontario Early Years System

For more information about any of these programs call: 1-866-850-8855

Nipissing District Ontario Early Years

MiProfile - Create and share One Page Profiles 

Use a One Page Profile to let the Respite Provider know your child/youth creating an enhanced experience for both your child/youth and the Respite Provider

Use a One Page Profile to let your child/youth's teachers know what to expect and how to support your child/youth with their needs. 

Use a One Page Profile for summer camp, activities etc... 

One Page Profile's tell your child/youth's story and can be adapted to most situations. 

With the MiProfile you can create as many profiles as you want or need and edit them too. It is an easy to use site that walks you through the process. 

District of Parry Sound Best Start for every child - Filled with information for children and youth and their families. 

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