Community Respite Partners

South Respite Network
[Muskoka, Nipissing & Parry Sound Districts]

To ensure a responsive, equitable and effective model for the delivery of children's respite services in the Muskoka, Nipissing & Parry Sound districts.

  1. To develop and implement a work plan that meets the objectives of "The Community Investment Children's Respite Developmental Services."
  • To develop mechanisms of evaluation focusing on continuous improvement to ensure that services evolve based on ongoing feedback from the families, partnering agencies and stakeholders. 
  • To ensure effective use of the Parent Initiative Respite Activity Fund, Emergency Respite Flex Fund and Training Fund; which supports families in engaging children in integrated community activities.
  • To ensure a strategy whereby agencies support families to recruit, train, retain respite providers that reflect the qualifications and competencies required to support eligible children.
  1.  Following the direction of the Respite Management Committee, implement a regional common application and assessment process that allocates available respite funding based on the assessed needs of eligible children and families. This includes a centralized funding mechanism and regional common eligibility criterion.
  • To maintain the website in order to support families, of children/youth and adults, in coordinating their respite needs. 
  • To promote the use of in a consistent and effective manner.
  • To ensure the ongoing collaboration and partnership between the south respite network and Autism Enhanced Respite Services for children/youth respite services. 
  • To maintain a linkage with the provincial host network
  • To maintain linkage with the Cochrane, Temiskaming Respite Network to ensure consistent respite practices throughout the North East Region.
  • The Respite Network is accountable to the Respite Management Committee.
Membership: Ex-Officio and Resource:
  • Ministry of Community & Social Services and/or Ministry of Children & Youth Services
  • Respite Network Coordinator

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