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MFTD Out of Home Respite Care

Out of Home Respite Care in Halton & Peel

For families whose child is medically fragile and technologically dependent (MFTD)

What is Out of Home Respite Care?

Out of Home Respite Care Allowes Parents of Children with significant special needs to have a break from caregiving routines. Their child with special needs enjoys recreation and expert care at one of the places described in this brochure, while the parents can devote quality time to other family members, including other children. Respite helps strengthen families. It benefits parents by giving them a break, it benefits other children by letting them share their parents’ attention, and it frees family time for essential parts of living: Running errands, completing work around the home, socializing with friends, and connecting with community support systems. For parents, this means rest and relaxation so they can return to their caregiving role with renewed energy. For other young family members who often share in that caregiving, it’s a chance to socialize with peers and friends, engage in other activities, have fun and enjoy just being a kid. These are all things families miss when they have a child with significant special needs. Respite gives a measure of these things back, and the child with special needs has a good time and a change of pace, too.

Visit www.respiteservices.com for additional information on respite options in your community

MFTD Respite Options Flyer

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