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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to update my profile in order to stay active? 
You should update your profile on a regular basis because your available schedule will change as you connect with families. 
If you are not connecting with new families, or having life changes, then you should update your profile within 3 months in order to remain active and your profile to be sent to families. 

I am not hearing from families, what can I do to increase my work?
If you are not hearing from families, then the first step would be to update your profile. When your profile is updated, new matches will be made generated to connect your new preferences with families.
Secondly, you can check the
Family Classified Ads to see family ads that are actively searching for respite providers. If you find families that you feel you can support, then email the ID# to a Facilitator identifying your interest in the family classified ad(s). 

What is my role during a respite interview?
When a family asks you to meet for an interview and you are interested, it is your role to answer any questions families have about  your qualification and experiences, as well as ask the family questions that will help you in making a decision to either work with the family or not. If you are unsure what to ask families, you can refer to the Information Package for example questions. 

What do I do when I can not log in to profile?
Connect with a Facilitator and they can help reset your password.

How do I pay taxes while working on contract for a family?
You are responsible for paying taxes based on the income made while providing respite. Please review and connect with Canada Revenue Agency for details.

Is there opportunities for professional growth while active with Peel Respite Services? 
Yes! As an active provider you can access CDRCP's
Professional Education opportunities. There are also eLearning opportunities you can access from home.

What is a 'probationary period?' How long is this? When is this used?
A probationary - or trial - period can be a short period of time at the beginning of a new arrangement to see if this relationship between provider and family is the right fit. This allows for the opportunity to opt out of the contract if either party feels this is not a good fit without any questioning or contractual repercussions. This period is not required, but an option if either family or provider is interested.
This period has no set time, it could be a number of weeks or months decided between the family and provider.
It is important to remember that during this trial period, the provider is paid the full agreed upon rate of pay.
An example could be: the provider and family will enter this agreement as of Sept. 1, 2018 to Sept. 1 2019, including a probationary period from Sept. 1, 2018 to Nov. 1, 2018.

What should a length of agreement be?
The length of any agreement is dependant on the conversation between provider and family. There is no requirement of length a provider will support a family, nor is there a recommended amount of time. If there is a set amount of months a family is requiring support, then that can be included in the agreement.
For example: the provider would support the family every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 6pm for the months of Sept., Oct., Nov. of 2018.

What do I do once a contract/agreement is signed?
  1. Contact a respite facilitator to inform them you are providing respite support to a family.
  2. Update your profile as your time of availability has changed. (if you have no availability, you can deselect all time options and your profile will be put as inactive status until you are available to support more families).
  3. Enjoy providing respite to a family who needs your support! 

Information above is based on reoccurring questions from current and previous respite providers. This is not legal or comprehensive information, if you have any other questions please connect with a Facilitator and/or refer to the Information Package.

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