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Community Respite Partners Information

Agency : Catulpa Community Support Services
Address : 165 Ferris Lane, Barrie, ON L4M 2Y1
Community Regions : Barrie and Area
General Information : Catulpa provides funding to families for respite care. This service can be provided in either the families home, the workers home, or in the community. Catulpa also provides assistance to families exploring respite options.

We are also a host agency for

Eligibility : Individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability including an IQ level of below 70 and/or children with a physical disability.
Age Category(ies) : Preschool, School Aged, Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult 22-30, Adult 31-50, Seniors
Type of Respite : Other
Respite Contact : Bridekirk, Angie
Contact Email :
Phone : 705 733 3227 x.2235
1-800 Number :
Fax : 705 735 6826
Website :

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