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Community Respite Partners Information

Agency : Kerry's Place Autism Services
Address : 38 B Berczy St., Aurora, ON L4G 1W9
Community Regions : Orillia and Area, Alliston and Area, Bradford and Area, Midland and Area, Collingwood and Area and Barrie and Area
General Information : What does Community Services and Supports offer in Simcoe County?

Group Learning Sessions (GLS)
These sessions consist of a variety of topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. They are free and are offered in a group setting. Parents / caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend them as they are a great way to learn and understand how to help your child.
Learn more about Group Learning Sessions.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshops
Free, professional and educational workshops are available for respite workers, family members, friends, agency staff, and anyone who wants to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshops.

Children's Respite Flexible Funding
The Children's Respite Flexible Funding is from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to serve as an enhancement for families to access respite services in their community. The purpose of the Children’s Respite Flexible Fund is to help caregivers get the flexible and individualized support their family needs in order for them to take intervals of time off from their care-giving duties.
Learn more about Children's Respite Flexible Funding.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
ABA is a systematic approach to changing behaviour. ABA uses a variety of evidence based strategies to increase a desired skill or decrease an undesired behaviour and replace it with a more socially appropriate behaviour.
Learn more about ABA.

Consultation Services
Consultation Services are available to families who require additional support, above and beyond what can be provided through our other Community Service options (i.e. Group Learning Sessions, Social Groups, ABA, workshops, etc) and/or are presenting concerns of a time sensitive/urgent matter.
Learn more about Consultation Services.

Residential Services
To access residential supports in Ontario, participants will need to qualify for and be registered through the Developmental Services of Ontario (DSO). For your local DSO office number, please refer to the Developmental Services of Ontario website.
Eligibility : Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Age Category(ies) : Preschool, School Aged, Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult 22-30, Adult 31-50, Seniors
Type of Respite : Other, Community
Respite Contact : Access Line, Community Services
Contact Email :
Phone : 905 713 6808
1-800 Number :
Fax :
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