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Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities, while allowing caregivers time for themselves. provides assistance to families of individuals with a developmental disability including autism and/or a physical disability. We aim to provide families with resources, information and options related to respite care available within the City of Toronto. 

Who is eligible?

Individuals 18 years of age or older must be eligible for services through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) to register with Individuals requiring support under the age of 18 must have a diagnosis of a developmental disability including autism and/or a physical disability, visual or hearing impairment.

What We Do... 

Respite Facilitation
Respite Options Facilitators help your family to explore and connect with respite options by providing Family Orientations, Funding workshops & additional information regarding services. 

CHAP Program- Families (Database Users)
The website includes a database through which people with disabilities and/or their families (Database Users) can make their support needs known, and through which Independent Respite Providers can offer their services.

CHAP Program- Independent Respite Providers
Independent Respite Providers vary in experience, skill sets, and availability, and should not be considered trained therapists, who are available for part-time parent/caregiver relief, to provide support in the family home or in the community.

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