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CHAP Program
As an Independent Respite Provider

The CHAP Program is an online registry which connects families of individuals with disabilities with screened independent support workers to help individuals engage in their community and provide opportunities for respite.

As an Independent Respite Provider with the CHAP program, you will have access to:

• A classified ad to be shared with families who are seeking respite care
• A repsite provide profile that is shared with families who are seeking respite care

To be eligible to register with the CHAP program and database, individuals must:

• Be 18 years or older
• Submit a current resume
• Have at least 6 months experience providing direct support to persons with a developmental and/or physical disability

To successfully register as an Independent Respite Provider with the CHAP program, you must:
  1. Ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements
  2. Register online and upload an updated resume and other supporting documents (certifications, cover letter)
  3. A CHAP coordinator will contact you to schedule a CHAP meeting
  4. Provide 2 professional references. Please note that 2 professional references must come from a direct supervisor, placement coordinator and/or professor as so long as they can speak to your frontline experience
  5. All successful Independent Respite Providers will be required to provide a clear Criminal Police Records Check & Vulnerable Sector Screen that is less than 6 months old
  6. Attend an information session with the CHAP coordinators
If you are a returning Independent Respite Provider and require access to your account, please e-mail CHAP coordinators at requesting access. If it has been more than 6 months since you have last modified your profile you will be required to submit an updated VSS.

Please note: Independent Respite Provider(s) is not an employee(s) of CHAP and/or Once Independent Respite Provider’s are hired with a family, it is the discretion of the family and independent respite provider to discuss whether the Independent Respite Provider be hired on as employee/employer relationship or as an independent contractor. The CHAP program is a venue for people offering support services to advertise themselves locally.


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we advise you to use extreme caution if you choose to provide direct support including and not limited to entering a person's household, having them enter your household or be in contact with each other's family members. While information about COVID-19 is changing every day we are acting with an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe. We urge you to follow the advice of the Province’s Chief Medical Officer found on this link to keep yourself, your family members and the people you support, healthy and safe.

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