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Respite Network Member Information

Agency : Lumenus
Address : 1126 Finch Ave West Unit 16, Toronto, ON M3J 3J6
Community Regions : North and West
General Information : An accredited mental health centre and a developmental services provider providing a range of accessible mental health services as follows:
-Counselling and treatment for youth (12-18 years of age) and their families with mental health concerns who live in the former North York
- Counselling and treatment for youth (12-18 years of age) and adults (16+ years of age) with a dual diagnosis (i.e. developmentals delay and mental health needs) who live in Toronto.
Eligibility : To ask about the appriopriateness of a referral to the Griffin Centre's adult services for individuals with a developmental delay and mental health needs, pleases call the Griffin Community Support Network at 416-222-3563.

For youth referral's, contact Intake at 416-222-1153.
Age Category(ies) : Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult 22-30, Adult 31-50, Seniors
Type of Respite : Camp, Day Respite (Monday to Friday), Evening Respite
Respite Contact : Lumenus, Lumenus
Contact Email :
Phone : 416 222 1153
1-800 Number :
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