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Respite Network Members Information

Agence : Pegasus Community Project for Adults with Special Needs
Adresse postale : 931 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M4E 1S6
Secteurs de la communauté : Est
Informations générales : Pegasus Community Project is a registered Canadian charity that provides community based day services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Pegasus offers its services within the context of its core belief that:

•All people benefit from opportunities to learn and to grow and to have rich experiences.
•All people can contribute to the common good.
•The health and vitality of a community are enhanced when its members know each other and appreciate each other's differences.

Our programs are centrally located in vital, welcoming Toronto neighbourhoods. Each individual has many opportunities to access community resources and to learn and grow from a wide variety of experiences.
Admissibilité : Adults with developmental disabilities (18+)
Catégorie(s) d'âges : jeune adulte, 22 à 30 ans, adulte, 31 à 50 ans, adulte, aîné
Type de soins de répit : Camp, Répit de fin de semaine, Répit de jour (lundi à vendredi)
Contact pour les soins de répit : Paterson, Rebecca
Courriel de contact :
Téléphone : 416 691 6835
Numéro 1-800 :
Télécopieur :
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