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Community Participation Supports and Passport

What are community participation supports?

If an adult (over 18 years old) with a developmental disability wants to become more involved in their community, their Developmental Services Ontario agency can help by putting them in touch with community participation supports. These supports can be delivered one-on-one or in groups and include things like:
  • enjoying social, fun or spiritual activities: playing sports, getting involved with a house of worship, trying a hobby or community activity, meeting with other adults who have similar needs and interests as part of a group program in the community;
  • developing self-help skills: getting help with things like learning to brush teeth, get dressed, ride the bus and go shopping in order to become more independent;
  • continuing to learn after high school: taking a course, volunteering, using public libraries or participating in activities at a community centre;
  • volunteering or preparing for a job: practising work-related tasks or skills to succeed at work or as a volunteer.
What is Passport?
Funding for Community Participation and Caregiver Respite Supports
  • People can apply for direct funding for community participation and caregiver respite supports. This option gives people funding to pay for activities that encourage personal development―helping participants be the best they can be. This can include supports that ease the transition from school to life as an adult in the community,
  • help them develop independence,
  • build social, emotional and community-participation skills,
  • encourage learning and personal development,
  • and provide respite to parents and caregivers.
To learn more about how you can use Passport funding, click here.

People can choose their own activities and use direct funding to pay for them directly, or they can use the money to pay community agencies that provide community participation supports.

Special Services at Home

Special Services at Home (SSAH) is a program for children with developmental disabilities. Families can receive funding through this program. But it is important to remember that SSAH funding ends on a person's eighteenth birthday. To access adult developmental services - including Passport funding - people must apply through the application process at DSO.

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