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DSRC Clinical Services and Supports

DSRC provides a wide range of clinical services in the Waterloo Region. These services are generally offered in group sessions, through training and educational programs, and more directly through consultation with caregivers.

DSRC provides behaviour services to parents, caregivers, and the community. Programs are offered throughout the year, and are advertised in the agency’s program guides. A follow-up, individualized clinic session is available for people who attend these programs.

For preschool children attending licensed childcare programs in Waterloo Region, consultation is provided to centre staff. Referral is facilitated through the Special Needs Access Point (SNAP) mechanism, operated by KidsLINK’s Early Intervention Services.


Communication is a most basic human characteristic. It is essential for learning, working, and enjoying family life and friendships. There are many ways to communicate. Speaking, using sign language, writing, and using adaptive communication devices are some of the most common ones.
Speech-language pathologists provide assessment, consultation, and support regarding speech, language, general communication skills, and feeding/swallowing. These services are appropriate for people of any age.

Referrals are accepted from individuals, families, caregivers, and other agencies.


DSRC's social work consultant works with individuals of all ages who have a developmental disability, and their families/caregivers. Parent support groups are held throughout the year. Other roles of the social work consultant include consulting to community programs and developmental service providers and staff training around grief-related issues.

Social work assistance may be especially helpful…
  • For parents after receiving a diagnosis. This support may be provided individually or in a group. 
  • Individual counselling for adult clients around issues such as the death of a housemate, abuse/anger issues, and family issues.

DSRC's health care consultant provides health care assessment, consultation, recommendations, and training on a wide variety of medical issues for individuals and their care providers. Although most individuals are adults living in group homes, there are no age or location restrictions for accessing the service (so long as they live within Waterloo Region.) Training, educational, and assessment services cover a number of different health issues, including:
  • Health problems related to aging;
  • Medications administration;
  • Assessment, consultation, and health care coordination;
  • Controlled act training in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act;
  • Health problems related to developmental disability.
DSRC also works with the Waterloo Region District School Board and Waterloo Catholic District School Board on providing socio-sexuality education for students with developmental disabilities. Referrals are coordinated through the schools.


DSRC's autism service consultant provides consultation, in-home support, and service coordination assistance to youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Involvement is defined through development of a service plan with clearly outlined goals and outcomes for accomplishment.

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