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Family Registration


The purpose of the CHAP Program is to make the process of finding a respite support provider easier for families. Once your registration is received, a CHAP Coordinator will contact you to confirm your request for in-home support. The CHAP Program will then be a resource to you for selecting your own CHAP Support Provider. The profiles for CHAP Support Providers will be made available to you as they become active.

The CHAP Program will not make referrals of support providers but will facilitate connecting families with various CHAP Support Providers based on the families' needs and the availability and skills of the provider. It is important to understand that a CHAP Support Provider is not an employee of the CHAP Program. It is up to you to review profiels and select who you want to meet with.

Please contact the CHAP Coordinator when you and the CHAP Support Provider connect, as and when your needs have changed or if you no longer wish to receive names but would like to remain on the registry or if you would like to be removed from the registry. This will ensure that your information remains current and provider profiles sent to you are those that match your current need.

The following are two versions of our Family Registration:

  • Online Family Registration

    If you have previously registered with respiteservices.com, and have a received a username and password, please login to access your registration information.

    If you are interested in accessing respite information and services in Wellington, (including CHAP) and do not have a username and password, please complete the family online registration form.

    NOTE: You must submit the Family Registration, Consent and the Release Regarding CHAP Worker form (which follows the submission of the application form) in order for your application to be processed.

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