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Respite Options

Explore respite options available for your family. For a referral or assistance in connecting to Respite Options for children (up to 18 years) in Wellington contact  Access Information & Referral for Developmental Services. For children with physical disabilities Here 24/7. For adults, please contact Developmental Services Ontario. Please note that some options may have a waiting list.

Agency : Hopewell Homes
Address : 5651 Wellington Rd. #86, RR1, Ariss, ON N0B 1B0
Community Regions : Guelph & Wellington
General Information : HOPE HOME is a total care residence and home for individuals with severe developmental and physical disabilities. Located in the Ariss countryside, Hopewell Home includes a children's and adult's wing and is fully equipped to provide care for developmentally challenged individuals who are medically fragile.

STEPHANIE HOME is a respite home for youth aged 6-18 with behavioural and emotional challenges due to developmental disabilities.

OOSTER HOUSE is a respite home for adults aged 18+ years with a Developmental Disability.
Eligibility : Wellington resident.
Documentation re. Developmental Disability

Referrals for children up to 18 years are made by calling Access Information & Referral for Developmental Services at 519-824-4015 or 1-877-216-1116.

Referrals for adults 18+ are made by calling Developmental Services Ontario at 519-821-5716 ext. 2701 or 1-888-941-1121 ext. 2701
Age Category(ies) : Preschool, School Aged, Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult 22-30, Adult 31-50, Seniors
Type of Respite : Out of Home, Residential Respite (Overnight), Weekend Respite
Respite Contact : Inocencio, Mylene
Contact Email : minocencio@hopewellchildrenshomes.ca
Phone : 519 836 9641
1-800 Number :
Fax : 519 836 8830
Website : http://www.hopewellchildrenshomes.ca

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