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Passport Funding

What is Passport Funding ? Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability be involved in their community and live as independently as possible, by providing funding for community participation services and supports, activities of daily living and person-directed planning. The program also provides funding for caregiver respite services and supports for primary caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability
Goals of Passport Funding
  • Foster independence by building on individuals’ abilities and developing community participation, social and daily living skills
  • Increase opportunities for participation in the community with supports that respect personal choices and decision-making, and help people achieve their goals
  • Promote social inclusion and broaden social relationships through the use of community resources and services available to everyone in the community
  • Help young people make the transition from school to life as an adult in the community
  • Support families and caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability so they can continue in their supportive role
What does Passport Funding cover ?
  • Community Participation/Activities of Daily Living
  • Caregiver Respite
  • Person-Directed Planning (up to $2,500)
  • Administration of Passport Funding (up to 10% of Passport allocation)
Who may receive Passport Funding ? Any adult who is eligible for developmental services and supports funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, including young adults who are 18 years of age and still in school, may apply for funding through Passport. Access to funding under the program is subject to available resources
Individuals must contact the Developmental Services Ontario office (DSO) in their region to request these services. Once an individual’s eligibility has been confirmed and they have completed the Developmental Services Application Package, their information will be transferred to the local Passport Agency
For more information about Passport Funding visit - the MCSS Website
For more information about applying for Passport Funding contact your local DSO office or DSO Website 

Purchase of Service

Purchase of Service and Passport Opportunities are available through Community Living Guelph Wellington. Connect with your local Passport Community Developer for more information.


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