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What is Avenues?

Flexible Supports for People's Lives

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Making the Choice to Self-Administer Funding

Avenues is a project that has evolved over many years in the Windsor-Essex community. Many people, families and support organizations spent a lot of time discussing the necessity for an innovative payroll and human resource support for people who have a disability who have individualized funding and are self-directing — this is Avenues. Avenues provides tailor made human resource and financial supports. This means that you can choose the types of supports you want — it really is up to you. We can help you with support for the recruitment, scheduling, interviewing, monitoring, training, and/or payroll for personal assistants.

In a system that supports people and families with individualized funding (person-controlled)Avenues is one of three links to ensure that people have they lives they want.

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Operational Values of Avenues

The statements below describe the beliefs on which the services within Avenues are designed and offered to people and families. They guide the decisions and actions of the program.

a) Person is the Leader
  • People are valued for their gifts and contributions
  • Nothing about me, without me
  • Avenues is accountable to the person
b) Goal–Focused
  • Goals should reflect the person's dreams, gifts and strengths
c) Facilitation Support
  • Facilitation is independent from the service system
d) Flexible
  • Service is flexible because individualized funding reflects that a person's life changes as they have the opportunity to experience new things and to enhance their life,
  • New goals will always have to be created
e) Citizenship
  • Through individualized funding people have the opportunity experience citizenship, to be involved and give back to their community
f) Relationships
  • Real connections are encouraged, including good rapport with personal assistants
g) Family Growth
  • Opportunities to meet and talk will strengthen families

How Avenues services work and are offered to the community

Your personal assistant(s) are self-employed OR you can be the employer. *see For People and Families for a more detailed explanation. Avenues helps you recruit these personal assistants and allows you the option of personalizing the services to suit your needs and to run non-traditional services.

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