Direct Support Services

Self-Administer Funding

Making the Choice to Self-Administer Funding/Manage your own funds

If an adult with a developmental disability wants to become more active in their community the Developmental Services Ontario agency (DSO) can help them to apply for community participation supports.  This funding can be administered with the help of a designated agency or the family and individual can manage it themselves.  The Avenues program helps people who are managing their own funds.  The support provided will help the family and individual to make a plan for finding someone to provide the support, thinking about options in the community to be active and to ensure that the family and individual get reimbursed for their expenses, according to the amount designated for the individual.  There are things to consider as you manage your funds.

Things to think about:

This Government of Canada publication is for both self-employed and employed individuals seeking to understand their employment status.
This letter outlines the contract made between Personal Assistants/Direct Support Providers and their employer.
This sample invoice shows Personal Assistants/Direct Support Providers how to properly bill the individual for their services.

Flexible Menu of Supports

  • Central Disbursement Mechanism (top of the form)
  • Avenues (bottom of the form)
Flexible Support Menu from Family Service Windsor

Recruiting and Hiring Personal Assistants/Direct Support Providers

This interactive worksheet series is designed to help individuals introduce themselves, and their needs to a potential Personal Assistant. Use this chart to rate and evaluate the applications or resumes of applicants in order to create a short list of interview candidates. Use this script when screening potential Personal Assistants over the phone prior to meeting them in person. Use the sample questions in this document to assist in interviewing a potential Personal Assistant. This checklist details specific working conditions a potential Personal Assistant should be made aware of before hiring them. This employment agreement defines the terms of hiring, as well as the roles and responsibilities of both the employer and Personal Assistant. Use this form to collect the information of a potential Personal Assistant's personal references. Use this form to collect the information of a potential Personal Assistant's employer references. Have a potential Personal Assistant fill out this form to assist you in checking their references.

Managing Personal Assistants

Keep this easy to use form to maintain the contract information of your Personal Assistant. This template can be used to schedule and track when your Personal Assistant will be working month by month. Use this example Calendar for October 2012 as a guide to properly fill out the Monthly Calendar Template 1. Use this simple and straightforward calendar template to schedule and track when your Personal Assistant is working. This useful checklist will allow employers to quickly and directly assess employees attendance, performance, & behaviour.

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