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Family Registration Information

The purpose of the CHAP Program is to make the process of recruiting and contracting direct respite support workers easier for families. Once your registration is received, the CHAP Program will then be a resource to you for selecting your own CHAP worker. A CHAP Coordinator will contact you if your application requires clarification. The names of suitable candidates will be provided to you as they become available.

The CHAP Program will not make referrals of workers but will facilitate connecting families with various CHAP workers based on the families' needs and the workers' availability and skills. You independently contract the worker. It is important to understand that a worker is not an employee of the CHAP Program. They are your contract employee. It is up to you to select, interview and contract with your worker(s).

Please contact a CHAP Coordinator  as soon as you have contracted with a worker, if your needs have changed, if you no longer wish to receive names but would like to remain on the registry or if you would like to be removed from the registry. This will ensure that your information remains current and worker profiles provided are those that match your current need.

**If you have previously registered with CHAP Program, and have received a username and password, please login to access/update your registration information. 

If you have never registered with CHAP Program and do not have a username and password, please complete the family registration form.

 Your may submit your registration form in one of two ways:

Mail to:

CHAP Program
240 Edward St., Unit 3
Aurora, ON L4G 3S9
Phone: 905 898 6455 ext. 2247 or toll free 1 866 257 9776
Fax: 905 898 1171

Only apply when you are currently able to hire and pay for a worker.  Note: Individuals aged 18+ must have eligibility for developmental services confirmed through DSO (Developmental Services Ontario) prior to applying to the CHAP Program.  For further information on DSO, please click here or contact 1 855 277 2121

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