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Respite Options

Explore respite options available for your family. Contact agencies directly or for assistance in connecting to a Respite Option in York Region contact the Respite Access Facilitator at 1-866-257-9776 ext 2265.

Note: Some options may have a waiting list. Individuals aged 18+ years accessing MCSS funded options, will require eligibility confirmed through DSO.

Disclaimer: This is strictly for information purposes only. does not endorse any particular program, product or service.

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Program Title : The C.S.I. –Day Away Dementia /Alzheimer’s Day Program
Program Time : 9:00am - 5:00pm
Program Runs from : ongong
Program Length : Monday to Friday
Program Cost : $30 per day plus expenses
Admission Criteria : Must be 55 years or older.
Must have a primary diagnosis of a Developmental disability, dual diagnosis, mild behavioural challenges, and experiencing age related cognitive decline.
Activities : In Partnership with North York Senior’s Centre

An inviting comfortable place for Individuals to spend the day:
An opportunity to socialize, participate in recreational and leisure activities, enjoy a movie or listen to music, bake your favourite cookies, or plant your own garden.
A safe environment, with a program of activities structured to meet the needs of individuals with memory impairment and cognitive decline.
Purpose of the Day Program

Enhances Individuals’ & Families’ network of supports.
Enables families to take vacations, or just a few hours of time off.
Promotes the Individuals’ goals and a plan of action to achieve them.
Promotes inclusion and participation into community activities.
Comments :
Disability / Special Needs : Developmental Disability, Dual Diagnosis
Individual(s) Served : Male and Female
Type of Respite : Group
Age Category : 50+ Seniors
Agency : Mary Centre of the Archdiocese of Toronto
Agency Contact : Tracey Berman
Phone : 416 630 5533 x.222
Fax : 416 630 5702
Email Address :
Option offered at : Finch Avenues West, Toronto, ON
Nearest Intersection : Bathurst and Finch
Regions : South, South-East and South-West
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