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A Legal Guide to Engaging Support Workers

A Legal Guide to Engaging Support Workers

Publication Date:
14/05/21 11:26 AM
One of those responsibilities can be the hiring of support workers. In Ontario, individualized, direct funding makes this a possibility. Direct funding gives people more control over their day-to-day lives, where they go, what they do and who supports them to do it.

This makes community more accessible, in ways that are suited to each person. But, dealing with the issues associated with hiring support workers, can be complicated. That is why we created this guide. Community Living Ontario believes in people. We believe in families and we believe in people who choose tho make supporting people who have intellectual and developmental disabilites. thier profession.

We hope this guide helps everyone to sort out the issues associated with these interconnnected realtionships in a way that provides education and help in determining which course is right for you. 

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