Respite Worker Training

Respite Certificate Course

The Respite Services Training Certificate can be used by a range of people. It was designed as a self-paced online course to prepare individuals to work in respite support situations and also provides a basic level of training for current respite workers. Those who are already working in the field may find it useful to take the course to explore areas they are less familiar with ensure they have a full understanding of all the skills required.

Respite Care: People with Autism

This course has been designed to provide training for people who are providing "hands on" respite care to individuals who have autism. In this self-paced online course you will learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and understand how people with ASD experience the world.

Respite Workers, Autism and Your Child : A Parent's Module

It can be challenging to have someone else come into your home on a regular basis and care for your child. This free online resource was designed to assist you in searching out a respite worker that is a good fit with your family, and compiling information they need to best support your child and how you can help provide training.

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