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What is respite care?

Respite care is defined as a family support service that provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability. Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities and allows parents/guardians time for themselves.  Respite can be acheived by connecting with local recreational opportunities or specifically with providers offering respite supports
Explore the Simcoe Respite Options available for your family. We recommend that families contact agencies directly to inquire about their services. If you require assistance in connecting to a Respite Option in Simcoe County you may contact the Simcoe Respite Coordinators;  Carolyn Harris, Empower Simcoe (Barrie, Bradford, Innisfil, Angus) or Angie Bridekirk, Catulpa Community Support Services (Collingwood, Midland, Orillia, Alliston). Please note that some options are privately owned and operated and all options are to be researched and approved by the family.  Some options may have a waiting list.

The user/family acknowledges that, while, Catulpa Community Support Services and Empower Simcoe may have provided information with respect to services and supports available in the community, the final decisions with respect to the manner in which services and supports are to be provided as well as decisions to hire, contract with or engage any persons, agencies or companies or other entities to provide said services and supports have been made by the Service User/Family.

ACCESS to Respite Services
A CHAP Coordinator in your area may provide short-term co-ordination to assist with overcoming barriers to receiving respite services. The CHAP Coordinator can provide information about respite options, facilitate connections with CHAP advertising in Simcoe and/or provide general information about contracting with or hiring service providers.

The CHAP (Community Helpers for Active Participation) Program is an integral part of This Program was developed through a partnership of Geneva Centre for Autism and Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre and has two Coordinators in Simcoe County through Catulpa Community Support Services and Empower Simcoe. The CHAP Program advertises the services of Respite/Direct Support Providers interested in supporting people with intellectual disabilities, autism and physical disabilities.   The program aims to offer a robust registry of people interested in providing meaningful respite/support opportunities through in-home or community based options. The program offers a web-based connection by providing profiles of registered CHAP to the families/individuals who register.

We also provide information on community respite services and upcoming workshops/events. You may also view the "What's New" and "Events" posted on our home page.  

If you are a family/individual seeking supports, please complete a Family Registration Form to be connect with CHAP advertising in your area.  

If you are a Respite/Direct Support Provider and are interested in becoming a registered CHAP so you may advertise on this site,  please complete a CHAP Registration and complete the registration process.


CHAP Registration Process
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Family Registration Process

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Family/Individual Classifieds
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CHAP Classifieds

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