Community Respite Partners

Originally the Toronto Developmental Services Respite Cluster was formed in September 2000 as a result of "Making Services Work for People". The Respite Cluster was instrumental in the development of to be its central service mechanism and a central resource of information for families in Toronto.

The Respite Partnership has two specific mandates:

a) To design, support and oversee a model for the delivery of a range of respite services, including an access process, for children with significant physical, medical and/ or developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities.

b) To develop a wide range of responsive respite options, with particular emphasis on children who are medically fragile, or with significant physical disabilities, as well as, individuals with autism and/ or a dual diagnosis.

More information on these agencies can be found by clicking on the names below. Those providing a respite service are marked with an asterisk (**).

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