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Family Registration is a provincially driven program that provides a free service to families who have a family member with an intellectual and/or physical disability who are looking to connect with a respite/direct support provider.  The Coordinator of this program will be able to provide profiles (similar to a resume) of registered CHAP (Community Helpers for Active Participation) who are advertising their services through this site.  The service to connect families is free of charge and there is a number of CHAP to choose from. Generally, CHAP registered on this site negotiate their fees between $15 - $25/hr. depending on the person’s support needs, the duties required and the CHAP’s skills and experience.  You do not need to be receiving a specific funding to use the service.   It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to interview, select, negotiate wage, hours and support details with the CHAP.  The parent/guardian is also responsible to oversee that the service provided meets their expectations. 

CHAP are not employees of, Catulpa Community Support Services, or Empower Simcoe.  Payment for services of the CHAP are paid directly by the family who selected the CHAP.  It is the responsibility of the family and the CHAP to determine if they are entering an employer/employee relationship or a contracted service arrangement. 

Information about CHAP:

CHAP Registration Process: 

To be eligible to advertise within this program, registrants are required to provide (2) professional CHAP references (on the forms provided) – (one must be a current or most recent employer), a current resume and a current Criminal Police Records Check & Vulnerable Persons Check (no older than six months).    All registrants are also required to attend a CHAP program introduction session. 

Once the registration process is complete:

The CHAP registrant’s profile is then made active on the website database allowing them to advertise through a profile and classified ad they may post.  Families choose who they would like to contact for an interview.   CHAP negotiate their days, hours of availability and fees with the family at the interview.  It is recommended to complete a written contract/agreement that would state the negotiated start date, rate of pay, and duties and identify if they entering an employer/employee relationship or a contracted service arrangement.

You can learn more about how a Respite/Direct Support Provider might be characterized by visiting the following websites:

Getting Started

If you have previously registered with, and have received a username and password, please login to access your registration information.

If you are interested in accessing respite information and services in Simcoe County, and do not have a username and password, please complete the family registration form.

Your completed registration will be received by a Coordinator and you will be contacted.

You may submit your registration form in one of two ways:

  • If you wish to complete the form and submit it online, please use the:
    Online Registration Form  
  • If you would prefer to submit the forms by mail or Fax, please print the following forms:
    Family Registration Form-Printer Friendly Forms
  • Additional Information for Parents and Guardians
    All About Me - Child    or All About Me- Adult- This highly recommended tool will assist you to provide your Respite/Direct Support Provider (CHAP) with detailed information about your family member in order to provide the best possible care in your absence

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