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CHAP Program FAQ


FAQ for Families

Are CHAP providers employees of the CHAP program?
No, CHAP providers are not employees of respiteservices.com or the CHAP program. We facilitate the connection between Families and respite providers only. The family independently chooses whether to hire or contract a worker.

How does the service work?
You complete a Family Profile, respite providers complete a Worker Profile (and complete a screening procedure) and then a CHAP coordinator provides you with worker profiles. Then it's up to you to do your own screening, interviewing and subsequent hiring/contracting if they meet your needs.

How do I register?
Simply go to the Family Registry page and begin your application online. There is also a paper registration option but we find the online method to be preferred and also the most expedient.

How long does it take to register?
It takes about 20-30 minutes. That's it!

What happens after I register?
After you register you will receive an email from the CHAP coordinator which will link to the Family Information Package which contains a lot more information. You may then start receiving profiles of providers.

Are CHAP providers able to view my profile?
No. For privacy reasons, your profile is never made available to workers. It is maintained in our registry and is only viewed by the CHAP Coordinator.

How much does the service cost?
Nothing, it's free! Hiring/contracting a respite provider and paying their fees however is your responsibility.

What does the CHAP coordinator do?
Among other things, the CHAP coordinator screens individuals for the purposes of adding them to our Worker registry. The coordinator maintains an up-to-date registry, recruits new providers, and facilitates connecting families with providers.

How are CHAP providers screened?
CHAP providers supply a resume, three references, a clear police-check (vulnerable persons sector), complete a SafeGuards respite training course, sign an oath of confidentiality and attend a CHAP Activation/Orientation session before they are eligible to be added to the Worker Registry.

Do I need to screen potential workers?
Although workers are screened before being added to the Registry, it is not the intention of the CHAP program to replace the need for families to screen all workers to their own satisfaction prior to hiring/contracting. We strongly recommend that all families conduct their own independent screening of any service provider they may wish to use.

Can I choose my own CHAP provider?
Absolutely! We do not hire/contract CHAP workers for you. Our role is to facilitate matching you with a potential provider in your community and then the responsibility of interviewing and hiring remains entirely with you.

What qualifications do CHAP providers have?
CHAP providers have a range of qualifications and skills, all of which are detailed on their profiles for your review.

Do providers offer overnight respite options?
Each provider is different. While most offer temporary daytime/evening hours, there may be some in the registry who are open to negotiating overnight options.

Do I have to withhold payroll deductions when I pay my CHAP provider?
CHAP providers are not employees of respiteservices.com or the CHAP program.
When families hire/contract the services of a respite provider it's important to understand the status of the working relationship they are entering into, whether it is employee vs. contractor. Canada Revenue Agency may provide some guidance, or you may wish legal consultation to help you make the determination.

How much do I have to pay a CHAP provider? Rates of pay vary, and is determined by negotiation between you and the independent provider you are considering. In general, the range of pay varies between $15 and $20+, depending on complexity of the care required and the funding you have available.

Do CHAP providers use their own vehicles?
Some may, others may not. We recommend that you confirm CHAP provider's auto insurance liability limits if the use of their vehicle is a requirement for you. 

Do you have providers available in my area?
CHAP providers are recruited on an ongoing basis and the availability of a provider in any given area is subject to variation and can never be guaranteed. Typically, more populated areas have more providers in the registry.

Can I hire/contract more than one provider at a time?
Yes, and some families do if that's what's required to meet their needs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us so we can serve you better. respiteservices.com@northumberlandfamilyrespite.ca


FAQ for Workers

What do I have to do to become a CHAP Provider?
The first step is to complete the online registration, and then you will be required to submit a resume, 3 references, complete a SafeGuards "Respite Services Training" course, submit some documentation and then attend an Activation/Orientation session.

Can I be exempted from the SafeGuards training course?

We recognize and appreciate that some may have related post-secondary education that meets or exceeds the standards presented in the SafeGuards training course. However, for standardization purposes all workers must complete the course.

Am I self-employed, an employee of the Family, or an employee of respiteservices.com?
You are not an employee of respiteservices.com, the CHAP program, or Northumberland Family Respite Services (host agency). Once in the Worker Registry you are a respite provider who is available for hire or contract by a family. When a family chooses you as a respite provider it's your responsibility to understand the status of the working relationship you are entering into, whether it is that of employee vs. contractor. Canada Revenue Agency may provide some guidance, or you may wish legal consultation to help you make the determination.

How many hours a week can I expect?
Hours may vary, depending on how much you choose to take on. As much or as little as you have to offer, the choice is yours. Often CHAP providers approach it as a part-time opportunity to supplement income.

How long after I register can I start?
Registration is the first step. There are screening requirements that must then be met and can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months, depending on how quickly you choose to fulfill them.

Do I need a police check?
Yes, a clear Police Check (Vulnerable Persons Sector) that is less than 6 months old is required upon Activation in the registry.

Are there a lot of families needing respite in my region?
Intake of families requiring respite is ongoing and always changing depending on time of year and other factors. You are invited to view the classified ads to see a sampling of some of the families and opportunities that are out there.

Can I view the profiles of families who are looking for respite?
Family profiles contain confidential information and are not shared with providers.

What education do I need to have to be a CHAP provider?
CHAP providers have a range of skills and education. Whether your qualifications meet a family's needs is ultimately determined by the family who may choose to hire/contract your services. At minimum, respite providers in the CHAP registry for the HKPN region are all required to complete the SafeGuards training course and meet other screening requirements.

Do I need to have a drivers licence?
While not required, respite providers who have a driver's licence and a vehicle they are willing to use may have more opportunities than those who don't.

Do you pay mileage and expenses?
Reimbursement of mileage and other out-of-pocket expenses is negotiated between the CHAP provider and the family. We do recommend that providers always establish a clear understanding of how these expenses are to be reimbursed by the family prior to providing service.

Got a question that was not answered? Feel free to send us a quick email to respiteservices.com@northumberlandfamilyrespite.ca and we will be happy to fill you in.

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