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Passport Program Guidelines for Adults with A Developmental Disability and Their Caregivers Effective October 1, 2014

The Passport Initiative

Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability to participate in their communities. It also helps caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Passport can provide supports and services to adults with a developmental disability so they can:

•take part in community classes or recreational programs
•develop work, volunteer, and daily life skills
•create their own life plans (this is called person-directed planning) and reach their goals.

Passport funding can also be used to hire a support person to help the individual with a developmental disability, in order to give their main caregiver time to look after other personal or household needs.

Through Passport, individuals and families can choose to either receive money directly so they can purchase their own services and supports, and/or get services and supports through community-based agencies.

Who is eligible for Passport

The Passport program is for people with a developmental disability who are 18-years-old or older and:

•need support to participate in the community while they are still in school, or
•have left school and are living with family or independently in a supportive living arrangement, such as a group home.

Passport can also help those who care for a person with a developmental disability and sometimes need support themselves. Passport funding can be used to pay others to temporarily support the person with a developmental disability on the caregiver’s behalf.

How to get help

Developmental Services Ontario manages the application process for all provincially-funded developmental services and supports for adults with a developmental disability in Ontario.

Contact Developmental Services Ontario to apply. If you’re eligible, staff there will help you complete a developmental services application package to assess your needs and connect you with services and supports as they become available.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Passport initiative, please contact your local Passport agency, (Français) or Developmental Services Ontario.


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