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The following manuals have been selected to provide additional information and support if you choose to self-administer or self-direct/manage your Personal Assistants. Many of these manuals were developed in coordination with American programs. Please be advised that details specific to payroll and bureaucratic procedures will not apply to your situation.  Please scroll to the sections on recruiting, hiring and managing Personal Assistants as they will be of most benefit.
The first step in using personal assistance services is to decide what activities you need help with. This guide will help you perform a personal needs assessment so you can develop a package of checklists that reflect your personal assistance needs. This is an excellent resource. It is approachable and user friendly. The information within it is clear and concise. In addition to being educational, this document is full of practical resources. There are several interactive worksheets in this guide that will make finding and hiring a Personal Assistant a simple and straightforward process. This guide is designed for youth with disabilities who are planning to live independently but need help with daily tasks. It explains the process of finding and paying for personal assistance services to fit their specific needs. This resource is full of tips and ideas on how to enhance the working relationship between people with developmental disabilities and the Personal Assistants they hire. This is a highly interactive resource that will teach you how to hire, train and manage your own staff. The information and activities within will give you the confidence and knowledge necessary to hire a Personal Assistant that will meet your needs.

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