Family Registry Information


The purpose of the Family Registry is to make the process of recruiting and contracting Respite Providers easier for families, by using the Respite Provider Registry. Upon completion of the registration process, the names of suitable respite providers will be provided to you as they become available. The Database will then be a resource to you for selecting your own respite provider. Please review the respite provider classified ad section, in order to view available respite providers.

Family Respite Services (FRS) and will facilitate connecting families with various respite providers based on the families' needs and the workers' availability and skills.

Please complete the family registration form if you are interested in recruiting a respite provider. Please note, that you do not need a User ID and Password in order to complete the registration form. Your User ID and Password will be e-mailed to you following your submission of a registration form. The User ID and Password, is used to log on and make changes to your application and to retrieve respite provider profiles that are sent to you.

Online Registration Form

If you would prefer to complete the registration forms and submit them by mail, please complete and print the forms below:

Family Registration Form [ppm:alt id=558]

Family Agreement and Release

Family Consent Form [ppm:alt id=558]

You can mail completed forms to:

Family Respite Services
2565 Ouellette Avenue., Unit 150
Windsor, ON
N8X 4V8

To assist families who have registered for the the Family Registry, the following information package has been put together for informational purposes.

Family Information Package


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